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SATA Cable Assembly

SATA Cable Assembly

SATA 7P-7P Signal cable.
Data transfer up to 150MBPs.
Gold plated copper contacts provide maximum conductivity and minimizes data loss.
Double bandwidth between disk drives and other PC components with serial ATA connectors and cable.
High-speed differential cable and connectors helps to insure a sound end-to-end high performance serial ATA solution.
SATA Ⅱ Cable 7F TO 7F   SATA 22F TO 7F   SATA 22F TO 7F   SATA 7M TO SATA Ⅱ 7F
Right angle-straight   (straight)+Power   (Right angle)+Power    
SATA Ⅱ 2*7M TO 2*7F   SATA Ⅱ 7M TO 7F   SATA Ⅰ Cable 7F TO 7F   SATA Ⅰ Cable 7F TO 7F
        Stright-right angle   Stright-right angle
S-ATA assembly 7P to S-ATA assembly 7P            
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